PLACE is a temporary installation; a room in which the built construction of space, and all that inhabits it, is designed, built, and created by one individual. It is a study on the effects of individualized total design, arguably more powerful than traditional means of design build, and a suggestion of an experimental new type of living and designing. It is also a labor of experimentation on the enchanting effects of learning new skills and crafts, and how handmade design translates into the physical realm, and how this wabi-sabi type idealism is brought through and changes the quality of a piece.

Many of the skills were largely new, and without formal instruction. Constructions and methods were worked upon endlessly, given limited resources. Many of the objects and furniture were ridden with blunders and nicks as a mark of their inexperience in the skills themselves. But learning and adjustments were constant and varied, each as a way to improve vastly.

The installation was twofold in its experimentation: the result, the finalized room itself, the resulting individualized space, and the process in achieving this result. The room was set up rapidly. With the pieces ready, the walls raised, furniture moved in, and objects and art styled very quickly. The room itself was set up in two shows in succession, left for exhibition for a few days. To design, and create, and make, and craft, and build these pieces to have ready at install, however, was a yearlong study, in constant examination and fiddling hands. It was the process that was at the heart of the study, with learning new skills, and designing objects of want; hundreds of hours spent dwelling in different types of art forms and craft, one moment painting, the next with a sharp knife and a block of wood. Iterations, failed and successful, and always, working towards an end that could not be seen until its realization hours before opening exhibition. The project evolved and devolved, adapted and readjusted throughout the year, with the only constant being the act, or the art, of learning skills and craft.